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how did you begin?  

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Hi Carla!
1. i absolutely love you and rooted for you on top chef.
2. Actual question:
How did you come to be where you are? I know a little about your back ground, but I'm very curious about what you did in the very beginning to make your business known.

thanks, darling :)
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Thanks for the love Anna.

I started out with a lunch delivery service, which I ran for 5 years before going to culinary school. I worked in 3 different restaurants for a total of 4 years, then I moved to a private social club as chef. I was there for just over 2 years. When I left there, I decided to go off on my own and cater. I had been moonlighting while at the club. I was fortunate enough to have a prominent corporate client that I did regular catering for, as well as private catering for their execs. For the most part, my business grew by word of mouth. I usually have a new client, or two, after every event. I was more focused on the food than being known. My mantra back then was "cute, small and exclusive." In the beginning, I didn't even carry cards. I felt that the right and perfect clients would "find" me. (I carry cards now...well, most of the time.) I also had a regular client in the Bahamas, which connected me with people in England. In the midst of all of this, I would get jobs with larger catering companies to learn the logistics and efficiencies of catering. That was extremely helpful.
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