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Grilling Lobster tails?

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Tomorrow I'm making grilled lobster tails. They're about 6 oz each. Here's how I make them, I'd like some advice or tips, especially regarding the cooking times/techniques?

1) drop the tails in boiling water. The water may or may not have a few flavouring ingredients (onion, herbs, cajun spices, lemon, salt...). How long should they stay and should the water be boiling hard or simmering? I need the tails to be almost cooked, but not completely since they'll be grilled for a few minutes.

2) melt butter, add fleur de sel, chopped parsley and garlic, touch of black pepper.

3) Cut lobster tails in half, spread butter sauce on both halves.

4) Grill face down for a couple of minutes on direct heat, serve.

I'm just not too sure how long I should cook the lobster in water first, and whether or not the water should be flavoured?

Those will be served with a wild mushroom risotto.

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This step is unnecessary. But that doesn't make it a bad idea.

Poach, don't boil. Did i say don't boil? Don't boil. How about a nice simmer. Don't boil. Sensing a theme?

How you flavor your fumet/poaching liquid is a matter of taste. I'm feeling very French today -- onion, fennell, and pernod with some clam juice to enrich the water.

Prep the tails by inserting a couple of bamboo skewers in each one, so they don't curl when they hit the heat.

After they're just barely poached, shock them in ice water that has a little lemon juice in it.

You are a cruel, cruel man. You're too early with the fleur de sel, though. Salt in solution is salt. The wonderful extra flavor you get from the crystal/flake shape doesn't come through once dissolved. If you're going to add salt to liquid, use table salt.

Aha! If you hold of on the salt in step 2, you can sprinkle it on the tails after they've been brushed with butter. The fleur de sel will adhere and maintain its integrity better than a lesser, ordinary salt. You may also want to wait for this step to grind your pepper as well. Better still, hold off on the salt and pepper until the tails come off the grill.

Again, skewer the tails before grilling so they don't curl -- just in case they weren't cooked through completely.

Watch the heat, you want a moderate to mid fire. Given that you began by poaching the lobster you've got to be very careful about overcooking.

Time depends on size of the lobster and temperature of the poaching liquid. A more technical answer is to continue cooking an extra two minutes after the shell changes color from green to red. You'll land somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 to 9 minutes. Better to slightly undercook than overcook, as you'll be finishing on the grill.

Now you're just messing with us.

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That's just awesome! You gave me all the little details that will make the difference, thank you so much. Just what I needed.
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And I'm going to finish the risotto with a drizzle of white truffle oil. :roll:
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