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Looking for Kitchen Rental in So. Orange County, CA

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I am looking to start an online baking business. California law requires that food be made out of a health department inspected commercial kitchen. Does anyone here have any good references? I live in South Orange County, California. Would love to find a kitchen in or near Rancho Santa Margarita. Happy Baking!
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Did you find the kitchen?

Hi Maribel, I'm also like you, I would like to find a kitchen in South Orange County. If you found one, would you be willing to share the kitchen? Please let me know, thanks!
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Willing to share

Hi Chiara. Yes, I would be willing to share. I will let you know when I find a commercial kitchen in South OC. Please do the same and let me know if you find one.
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Both of you go on line and look under commercial kitchen rentals,:bounce:
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You might want to check out this incubator kitchen listing
Incubator and Commercial Kitchens for Rent | Cooking With Denay
D. Denay Davis

…life is about investing in what you love!
D. Denay Davis

…life is about investing in what you love!
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I, too, am looking for commerical kitchen space...

Hi, I just read your posts and am also looking for kitchen space in SO OC. I am in Ladera Ranch and would happily split the costs with you if you find anything! If I find something first I will let you both know.
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Shared or Incubator Kitchen in South Orange Cty, CA

You might want to check this link:
Incubator and Commercial Kitchens for Rent

Don't really know if these are close to you!:confused:
D. Denay Davis

…life is about investing in what you love!
D. Denay Davis

…life is about investing in what you love!
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Shared Incubator in OC, CA

Thanks very much. Unfortunately there isn't an incubator kitchen in South Orange County. Thanks for your input though!
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Kitchen incubator

Is it true that not everyone can apply or use this facility
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I found this post at

"Unique FDA Processing plant in Orange, CA available up to 8000sf. The commercial kitchen portion can be leased by the hour or day beginning June 2008. I am currently creating an interest list and providing tours by appointment only. If you are interested please email

Posted by Mari on April 28, 2008 at 8:34 PM"

I also found CuliFlex Kitchens listed in

Has anyone in OC heard of this place? I am thinking of sending them an email to get more info.
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Don't know about California, but the real estate industry in Texas is in a slump. A buyers market. Been thinking about acquiring an existing restaurant/bakery and repurposing for use an an incubator kitchen. The top of my plus list is I wouldn't have to worry about having an excellent location with tons of parking.
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Hi Maribel

I'm in your shoes now.  Have you found a kitchen?  I'm looking for something in So. OC too.

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Hi Wild Flour

Have you found a kitchen?  I'm looking to rent space for catering events in South OC.  Thanks for your help.
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Maribel, have you found a rental, I  to am looking for a rental kitchen? Im in Long bEach, Cali.

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I did send an email to CuliFlex Kitchens ( and got a response back with attached overview of their business and application form. It did not go into rates. I guess they don't disclose that until after you apply. They are located in Santa Ana. I wanted to attach the overview they sent me for your own information but I guess that is not allowed here. If you'd like me to send it to you, send me your email address. I intend to fill out and send in the application. If anyone else is interested in taking a look at this place, let me know. I will update this thread either way once I get more information.

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Okay Maribel, I came upon that also and you need a license and some food handling course...yikes!  So I definitely need to look into that. But I did see a fully supplied kitchen that is for is not a store front just a good size fully loaded kitchen, thinking about buying it and helping ,us girls that need kitchens, out. Keep you informed.

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Keep me posted, kristacakes. How is that progressing?

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well the Kitchen has been taken off the market, but isnt gonna stop me from looking. I am in the middle of a huge event, a months planning, so I will have a limited time researching, but Im on a hunt....there are just too many of us girls that need a kitchen. This is my plan, I hope that I will be able to help.

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I was wondering if anyone has gotten any more information from CuliFlex. I recently found them online and am starting to look into them.

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Hello There,

I'm also a baker looking to rent a space in South Orange, perhaps you would like to consider in sharing a location?

Hope to hear from you.



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Hello Chiara,

My name is Troy, I'm also looking to rent kitchen space in S. Orange County. If you are still looking and interested in sharing a place.

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I am also looking for a commercial kitchen to rent in Orange County, California. I am open to sharing. Is anyone here still looking?

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Hi Maribel,

  I stumbled upon this thread while searching for an OC kitchen space for rent. I know this thread has been here for a while. I was wondering if you have found a place and is willing to share? I too am trying to start a business and would like to be able to use some kitchen space when needed. Thank you so much!!! smile.gif 

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Hi krista! How is the hunt for a kitchen rental place coming along? A friend of mine mentioned a restaurant space with a fairly large kitchen for sale in So. Orange County off of Brookhurst right off the 405. I think that is Fountain Valley. She is trying to get me more info on it and I will update you as soon as I can.

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OH, that sounds awesome, I'm in if you get any info...otherwise, I will keep looking. Meeting with someone on the legal aspects of it all. We've got to get a kitchen sooo we can get a bakin.chef.gif

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If you're still looking for a commercial kitchen:

Not sure what California has to offer, but in Oregon the Military Department is no longer using most of their armory kitchens and they're available for rent. Some are quite large, have the best equipment and have been well maintained. I've rented their kitchens in 2 locations: one shared and one on my own.   Both were great! 

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My friend found out that the place off Brookhurst is no longer on the market. I think someone had already put a bid on it at the time she found out about it. Sorry for not getting back sooner. So far the only one that seems hopeful at this time is Culiflex. I may go ahead and work on that license and food handling course.

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hi maribel, if you're looking for a kitchen i have one in Fountain Valley off of the 405 freeway that is available. Please contact me at . thanks,/

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I found this one...I am looking for a kitchen probably to share too. I have a bakery business....


would be curious to see how everyones search is going

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Looking for a small, approved kitchen 2-3 days a week mostly for baking. San Clemente/Dana Point area. Sharing would be great. I won't be using it on weekends

if you cater. 




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