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Marinated artichokes and tomato sauce

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Hi guys!
I have marinated artichokes (homemade) in the fridge and ive been thinking about toss them in tomato sauce and using it in pasta. Does any of you guys have ever tried this?
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Absolutely, It's quite common. Just be sure to match your pasta with the size of chunks of artichoke, for spaghetti you'd want to dice your chokes, for sliced choke, try farfalle, -your pasta choice can make or break a dish. Or, try poaching a some halibut or other white fish in the sauce, thinned out with a little white wine.
Bon Appetito
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
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Thank you buonaboy! Any sugestions on the sauce recipe? Usually I go for the basic tomato sauce bt Mario Batali which is: canned tomato, olive oil, onion, carrot, garlic and thyme.
Oh my GOD, I just looked in the shelf and there is no pasta, only Riso :mad:
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The "Mario" sauce will work fine, I prefer a more basic "pomadoro" -just garlic, olive oil, salt, crushed tomatoes and fresh basil.

Don't :mad: about the lack of pasta, an artichoke-tomato risotto is fantastic as well.:smiles:
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
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Thank you :D to be honest ive never done risotto before :lol: is actually Riso Pasta, lets see how it works with this sauce. Thanks a lot for your advices mate!
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howd it turn out??

sounds great to me, and i'm looking to try a few new recipes this week. We just got back from the beach (Nags Head, NC). I cooked all week long for the family, and am even more inspired!

On the way out of Nags HEad, we stopped at a local fish market and I picked up some of the following...

bluefish- what is this??
some local shrimp (26-30ct)

I think the shrimp might be good with some artichoke/tomato sauce, eh?
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Well it turned out quite good, is a basic tomato sauce with hints of bitterness (iI used Djon mustard and red wine vinegar to marinate the artichoke hearts). The only ingredient I will left out next time is thyme. Aaaaand :p I will not use Riso pasta next time either, I felt like a kid eating pastina, two hours after dinner and Im still hungry! :lol:
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I recently did something similar in that I used UNMARINATED artichoke quarters, sundried tomatoes in olive oil and some chicken chunks (same size as my artichokes). I browned the chicken a bit in the EVOO, then added the artichokes, sundrieds and some dry vermouth (white... using this instead of white wine). When the whole wheat penne was just about done, I added a bit of heavy cream to the mix... not much.. just enough to 'cream' it and tossed it all together.

This was a last minute.. hmmmm.. what to make tonight dinner or as we say in our house ..Scovazzume (pronounced sko-vat-zoom-me.. which is Milanese slang for 'the sweepings of the floor")

Sundrieds or fresh tomatoes cut up will work very well with your idea..
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Thanks FL Italian, I will have that recipe in mind :smiles:

Now, I have got to say it... the outcome wasnt as I expected, probably because I used Riso Pasta instead of something you must chew to eat it. I really like to chew my food, but this was really creamy, almost as I imagine a risotto must be. So... not happy with results and at least to servings of the riso in the fridge I decided to make something good of it no matter how decadent the result could be. So today I took the "thing" out of the fridge, opened the container lid, looked at it fiercely (I even lifted one eyebrow) and showing my wooden spatula I shouted: Allez cuisine!
Ok, back from the weirdo zone... basically I just tossed in one egg and two egg whites, fryed the whole thing and sitted at the table convinced that it was going to be another horrible dinner, but it turned out MERAVIGLIOSO! :roll:
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