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I would like to hear anyone’s experience with Kitchen Academy. I have tried to search the forum, but only found a couple reviews from the first course or two. I am considering a career change, and would like to know if this is the right way to go. I am 32 years old, and currently work in a professional environment, but have about 5 years of FOH experience in restaurants previously. I have looked at a lot of the options for culinary school here in the Seattle area, and the reasons why the KA is at the top of my list are:

A) They offer night classes, I would like to work during the day and I have not seen any other school that has this option
B) They offer an out placement service
C) It is half the cost of the art institute

Please let me know about your experiences with them, either as a student, or someone who has worked with one of their graduates. Also I would be curious to hear if anyone has had any success negotiating their price down. I understand that with most schools you cannot negotiate tuition, but this is essentially a for profit business, rather than a state run, or non-profit school.