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Hello! I'm new here. i was browsing for culinary schools when i came across your site. I'm planning on enrolling on one and still cant decide which school here in manila. I cook at home and i basically grew up in a family that loves to cook and eat. I was hoping someone could give me an insight.thanx!
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Hello! Welcome to Cheftalk.

If you have any specific questions about schools, there is a forum dedicated to culinary students - I'm sure you'll find it makes interesting reading and you might be able to get some advice from other students or one of our chef-members.

There are lots of interesting articles and great photographs on the site, I hope you will have a look at some of them. Then, feel free to jump in on any thread of interest to you, or even start your own! We only ask that you do not post in the Professionals' fora, although they make great reading and I've managed to glean quite a few tips/ideas by just reading the posts!
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