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Fun Food Depot?

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Has anyone here dealt with the fellas at Fun Food Depot out of the Miami Fl area?
They sell equipment and accessories for the manufacturing and sale of ice cream and frozen treats.
From their website, one would think they had a huge inventory of items for sale and access to just about anything.
We are having trouble even getting the simplest order filled and delivered, without mistakes, unauthorized substitutions, mistakes in shipping, invoicing and on and on!
Does anyone here have any previous dealings with them, advice as to how to get through to them, get them to return a call or email, correct an order, etc etc etc?
They are enough to give you the yips!:mad::eek::crazy:
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"Fun Food Depot, Inc.

Address:2900 High Ridge Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Tel: (561) 533-0001
Fax: (561) 586-1112
Web Site:http://www.funfood-depot.com
Contact:Fanny Slonim - President
Business Start Date:3/1/1997
Company ID:30003968

Complaint Experience
Bureau Summary and Analysis of customer complaints and company responses:

Our complaint history for this company shows that the business has not responded to customer complaints brought to its attention by the Bureau."

Granted, there were only 4 complaints brought against them, but why wouldn't you respond to anything the BBB sends you?!
I always forget to check the BBB until it's too late... Got it in my bookmarks, though.
Better Buisness Bureau

Ask to speak with Fanny Slonim??? I dunno. Go somewhere else?
Good luck.

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Thanks a million.

Should have checked that link to the BBB before. Unfortunately, they are the sole distributor of some particular equipment I need that is imported.

Rueven Slonim is the only guy in charge there and the only one that can do anything, if he chooses to. Fanny seems to be non-existent.
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