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New or Used Range?

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I am seeking help, advice, and guidance. I am new here...hello. I am in the process of redoing our kitchen. I have carved out room for a 48" range and have always wanted a 6 burner and grill configuration with dual ovens. I am uncertain/ambivalent (mainly thru lack of knowledge) towards dual fuel and/or convection but can be swayed. I love the Wolf but cannot afford a new one. I do have access to the Capital 48" for about $6000. Here's the big question, I am finding Wolfs on eBay and Craig's list that fit the bill for around the same price as the new Capital. Many of the Wolfs are dual fuel convection, for $6K the Capital is all gas, no, New or Used-Capital or Wolf?

Thanks for all of you insight....
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you may have seen in other threads here - commercial / restaurant equipment often requires clearances & non-combustible wall surrounds, etc. that can impact your kitchen design and your budget. big BTU models may also require more gas flow than typically available through residential meters.

if you are considering "commercial" models double check the residential install issues.
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Hey Dillbert,

Thanks for your reply. Initially I was consdering a Commercial unit but an now focusing on residential ranges. I really don't need the horsepower that the commercial units provide.
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