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Hi All,

I'm very excited to be a part of this community and learn more about food-- and the subtle differences between different kinds and brands of flour, sugar, honey, etc. I never knew King Arthur was the preferred brand of flour or that Plugra butter was the best because of its high butterfat content and low moisture. So much to learn!!!

Cathy :crazy:
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Hello and welcome!
I like food, too... I'm a keen amateur cook. This site has lots of interesting articles and wonderful photographs and I hope you will enjoy exploring! Then feel free to join in on any thread of specific interest - or even start your own. All we ask is that non-professionals like us do not post on the professional foras here. However, I enjoy reading them and have picked up valuable hints.

Whilst what you say about King Arthur or Plugra holds good for those in the USA - it does not compute for those of us who are not based in the USA!
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