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I am on a path to a career change and am struggling with
going back to ICE or FCI. Could some people with experience
offer some thoughts on each?
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Slowandlow, I'm looking to go to FCI in about 6 months. I went to FCI on a visit and it was awesome. The visit was 1st rate. I saw two master chefs Alain Sailhac and A. Soltnar on campus. I talked to the career placement guy and he was 1st rate talking about interning and staging at NYC restaurants.

Right now I'm improving my credit so I can get a good interest rate on a Sallie Mae private loan.... I'm curious about ICE as well, I know they have a great rep with NYC restaurants. Both these places are diploma programs from what I can tell and super dupper expensive!

My wife is seriously considering going to pastry school with me! She will be a career changer into the culinary field as well from a medical sec.. :eek:

Best of luck, keep me informed with about what you find out.
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