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Recipe with no name

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I have no name for this one, but I will share it with the gang, it is purely and impromptu, my wife took it to work for her lunch, and her colleagues asked for the recipe, so why not posted here.

Our neighbor who is an avid gardener and a dreadful drunkard,
brought in few eggplants/aubergines, fairly large tomatoes, so I decided to cook them.

I sliced the eggplants and salted them, and left them to for few mints.
Diced the tomatoes, and two large red onions, then checked the fridge there was some old bacon and ham, so I diced them as well, mixed with tomatoes and onions.

Oiled a glass baking dish with olive oil very generously as eggplants soak up a lot, placed the eggplant slices on it, then sprinkled the mixture of onion, bacon tomatoes, and covered them well and sprinkled or drizzled olive oil on it as well , into a very hot oven, I did cover the dish with aluminum foil, after 30 minutes I removed the foil, and let thing brown a bit.
Then I mixed tomato paste with water and spread on the top of it, and back in oven for 10 minutes, after that, I covered the top with grated Parmesan cheese, and back in the oven, till golden.
Now I am getting lot of calls for it from various people, it taste very nice and is so easy to make, very light, I was just thinking to replace the meat products with mushrooms and turned into a semi vegetarian dish, given the cheese does really imparts such a nice taste and flavour to it.
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Nice try.................
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