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Wednesday Night cooking at church

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ok, so I have been given the opportunity to cook dinner for 100 people every wednesday evening for 8 weeks. (last week was the first week)

I try to pick a "theme" and run with it. I dont always stay with that theme, but I try.

So this week, I am sort of doing a hawaiian/island theme.

I have about $300 to spend, maybe a little more and here is what I came up with for this week.

chicken legs, thighs and wings with a sweet/heat rub, that once they are cooked will get a glaze of this sauce thats made of pineapple juice, orange juice, ketchup, brown sugar and cider vinegar and then thrown under the broiler.

to go with it, i am making a basic mango salsa (mango, jalepeno, red onion, ciliantro and lime zest an juice)

veggies: colorful medley of green, red, orange, yellow peppers, red onion, vadalia onion, zucchini and yelow squash that i'll roast in the oven

rice: white rice

I made it today to make sure I like it- its a new (to me) recipe.

The rice was bland, and i suppose it doesnt need any big flavor bc the sauce and the salsa but i still want to jazz it up a little.

any thoughts on making more of an impact with the rice? I plan to cook it in chicken stock and finish with butter

also- for 100 people (men, women and children) i am thinking 45-50lbs of chicken..thighs and legs and wings? maybe breasts if i see i am doing on the budget
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If you are buying wholesale.
consider just using leg quarters, one quarter per person.
Some people (adults/children) do not like heat of any kind.....you have heat in the salsa. Teriyaki may seem like a weenie way out but it's a crowd pleaser. You can make your own with soy, fresh ginger, garlic, orange juice/pineapple juice.....

Salad is typically an easy inexpensive filler. Wonton noodles, mandrian oranges....

Consider pineapple salsa instead of mango, it's less expensive...easier to make in volume and have a similar bang to it.

Rice. I'd make straight up rice, either basmati or jasmine or converted. Just white rice. No stock no butter. Maybe sesame seeds (black or toasted).

Rolls. whatever you can make or what's available at the discount bread store.

Your peppers may be considerably cheaper if you buy a case of one color (red/yellow/orange).
Same with onions.....if you choose either the red or yellow it would be more economical and not greatly affect the flavor.

You'll come in under budget if you buy wholesale. Churches generally have that option.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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BBQ Chicken in Hawaii is called Huli Huli Chicken. Huli Huli means (turn turn) and you could baste with your sauce everytime you turn the chicken.( I did this chicken on a beach in Hawaii once. We did the demo cooking on a small Habachi, people thought we cooked all the chicken on that Habachi). Traditional rice in Hawaii is steamed rice, Sticky rice. I wouldn't do a plain white rice unless I put the chicken on the rice. I would serve it with a Chinese fried rice.............Good luck and Aloha.....Bill
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wholesale...i mean, i have a Sam's club membership. Is that what you mean? In the past thats where I've done the bulk of my shopping (I did this same gig last summer as well).

I had thought of doing a salad with those noodles and manderin oranges, but thought it might be too much fruity flavors...orange this, pineapple and orange that, mango whatchamacallit
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Restaurant Depot is gearred to only wholesale (ie, joe blow can't walk in for a membership....but a church can and it's free).

Sams sells cases of product @ a discount from the print $. Produce distributors, farmers, etc have wholesale pricing for volume buys.

You are not independant, you are working for the church.....so it's the church's tax ID/business license.

It's summer, fruit is cooling.

I'm with Billy on the sticky rice though.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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restaurant depot, huh? i think one just opened here in charlotte. Or atleast i thought i remembed reading that somewhere.

and the membership is free? i'll have to look them up online and find out more about that! seems like a no-brainer if thats so!

sticky rice- never made it... any tips?

i was just going to use minute rice to be honest. i used it once before and added peas, red onion and parsley and it turned out well.
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