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Non-Dairy Meltdown?

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I am making a wedding cake for July 4th that will be outdoors. It will be super hot in S. California, so I will be covering the cake in fondant. The bride and groom hate buttercream, so during the tasting, I used whipped cream for the filling. Someone recently suggested that I use non-dairy "whipped cream" so that it will hold up better. I have never used non-dairy filling so i'm wondering if it will hold up under the fondant and weather. Has anyone ever used non-dairy filling with fondant? Can I split and fill the cake and freeze it? Please help!!!!
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1) a production job is a terrible time to try something "new". At best, you should have tried it on a test cake overnight beforehand just to see.
2) I have used "cool whip" many times. Yes, it does freeze, thaw, re-freeze, etc, w/o weeping as far as I can tell. Interesting idea.
3) sugggest you stick with the tried-and-true pastry cream.

Sorry, just noticed the title that says "non-dairy". If the problem is religious, PC won't do (you might be able to sub soy for cow milk, but there will still be eggs). If the problem is lactose-intolerance (my problem), just make PC but use that lactase-milk stuff.
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i never thought of using lactose free milk in PC. Thanks for the great idea!!! =)
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