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Hey There!!

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Hi, I'm Linda and am very happy to be here! I've been cooking for a long time, but as we all know, there's always something new to learn. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

You're right - there is always something new to learn about cooking - and this site is a marvellous source of information - and also has some wonderful photography, too!

We have all leves of expertise here, from those just starting out on their culinary adventures to masterchefs - all are equally valued on here!

I hope you will have a good look round and then join in on any thread of specific interest to you, or even start your own topics. All we ask is that those of us who are not culinary professionals do not post in the Professional fora on here - but they make interesting reading to those of us who don't cook for a living!
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