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I trained about 4 years ago in a culinary arts course and then got married and didn't pursue it. Unfortunatly the marriage didn't work - not because of the cooking I might add and I am feeling pretty rusty.
I am moving to Portland, Oregon and need to get some form of intern so that I can brush my skills up and get experience working in a kitchen. Has anyone any suggestions as to how to go about it. I was working as a Personal Chef but know that it is pretty difficult to make a living that way in the present crisis

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Hello Sara, and welcome to ChefTalk.

I am not a professional chef - and, anyway, live on the other side of the Atlantic to you - so I am unable to answer your questions.

HOWEVER.... we have lots of first class chefs and other culinary professionals here. Pose your questions in the Professional fora and I am sure that someone will be able to give you some good advice.
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Portland is kinda tricky, I hear.
I've had friends who lived there that complained about wages because Western Culinary Institute is right there and it's easy to hire new graduates and under pay them.
That was 10 years ago though. Things might have changed.
I believe there are some members here from that area, so, ya... post it in the professional chefs forum. good luck!
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