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hello i am fairly new to cooking but love it i want to know from the more experienced chefs what books i could start out with i like to bake bread and am interested in cooking european AKA italian and french food and also interested in greek food i would also like to know what spices and other little tidbits i could keep around all the time to be helpful for a cerative moment

i have the bread bible
i have the professional chef
i have the gourmet cookbook
i also have home cheese making

p.s. i am also interested in making cheese

-Edward Finch
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Hi Edward,

Welcome to Cheftalk, I'm sure you'll enjoy is. Lots of people here from all areas of the cooking world.

For Chinese cooking, Kylie Kwong is excellent (lots of her recipes on the net too)
Or Bobbie Chin - I think he's based in Vietnam but he has a range of cooking.
(oops - I read cheese as chinese.... but I'll leave them in there :) )

For Italian, maybe Giorgio Locatelli

For French, I think Elizabeth David wrote quite a good one.

There is a forum here which is all about cook books, maybe you can look thru there to find what you want.

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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Check out the thread "Newbie would love to know staples..." at


Much of what you're looking for is probably included.
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For Greek, look at

Flavors of Greece by Rosemary Barron Doesn't sound very Greek, does she? William Morrow, 1991 ISBN 0-688-07087-6

and Cooking the Greek Way by Anne Theoharous There, THAT sounds better! Published in Great Britain, 1979 by Magnum Books ISBN 0-417-03840-2

I got to be a great fan of Greek cooking (though not the steam-table, tourist-feeding variety) during a couple of three-week tours in that country, and I've been using these ever since.

The reason for the common steam-table offerings is, that during the tourist season, there are more tourists in Greece than there are Greeks, so the lunch rush is something fierce.

By the way, the work "Greek" does not exist in the language. They are Hellenes, living in Hellas. :p


The Glorious Foods of Greece by Diane Kochilas, Harper-Collins 2001, ISBN 0-688-15457-3

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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