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Hello From TN

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. My username is Bramble. I'm working my way toward an associate's degree in Culinary Arts (as my major) and, possibly, a minor in nutrition at my local community college.

In my spare time, I love to read, cook,write,and eat. As far as my preferences in any of the four categories listed.

I love reading any type of paranormal romance or mystery, my cooking is decent and I wouldn't mind trying a few different types of cusines,but I mostly stick with "home" cooking. I try to write a little bit of everything if I can even though it's mostly for myself. I would have to say eating is my passion, not really overeating so much as being able to try a new food, see how it made, ect.

Yes, I can be long winded as I'm sure my post illustrates. I hope I've given you a fairly decent look at who I am and I hope to be able to contribute to this community even if it's just a silly comment that brightens someone's day.

*hugs and gives cookies to all*


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Hello Bramble! Thank you for the introduction.

How did cooking become your passion? Did you learn from a family member? If so, were traditional recipes passed along to you? I find it very interesting to learn the many ways people found their way into cooking.

I hope you have a look around at the site. Don't miss the cooking articles, blogs, photo gallery, etc. We have a lot to sift through; the search tool may be a good friend.

Please visit often to learn and share. Welcome!

P.S.- I found it difficult to read the small, gray font you chose. May I request that you consider changing it? I don't want to miss anything! :D
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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I can keep the font black since that's easier.

Thank you for the welcome!

I can't really say how cooking's become my passion. It just has it's something I feel I'm good at and it makes me happy. As far as where I learned from it was an introduction from my dad about how steam works that (this is my theory) got my aunt interested in showing me how to cook, as well as helping my grandmother.

This may sound a little morbid (You'll have to forgive me I tend to jump around) but when my aunt passes on I'm going to be getting my grandmother and possibly great grandmother's recipes (the originals) and I'm thankful for that because I'll have something to draw on when a hit a creative block.

As far as where the recipes and such come from in my family I'd have to say a mixture of everywhere. Some I'm sure were just happy accidents that turned out well.

My one recipe I think that will stay with me (and possibly be a good money maker) is my Chocolate Chess Pie. I plan to have that on the menu when I get the chance to open up my cafe someday. As far as other recipes that have been given to me would have to be desserts (the only reason for this is because I don't have access to them all).

I just had a scary thought. I'm going to be the one that carries on thanksgiving for my mom's side of the family...that over... 20-30 people at least including children.... *prays*
That's going to be a hellish amount of food when the time comes.

But I have to say the biggest reason cooking is my passion is because it gives me a way to express my love for the people I cook for. I think that's a reason I'd like to be a cook in a hospital or maybe a private chef to an older couple even though I know the pay wouldn't be outstanding but I'd love the feeling of knowing I'm giving someone a good home cooked meal and that they aren't going hungry.

Man, I'm long winded. I think my only concern would be what the best path to take would be to achieve these skills. I have the compassion needed, I know I will need culinary,nutrition,and some business skills as well, but other than those I can't think of whatelse I would need.

Okay....I think I'm finished. lol

Thanks so much for reading

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