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Hi all,

I always have a dream to have my own cafe or bakery shop or pastry shop anything involved bread n' pastry's world. BUT I have Master in Petroleum engineering and working in oilfield now ( it's quite weird tho but my parents didnt allow me to go to culinary school and they both have master in science degree~)

Anyway i dont mind to be a girl working in the rig and travelling around. My boss is nice and my colleagues and people i have met are nice. I even taught the baker in the rig how to make brownies, soft cookies, and so on. Even i had worked for 12 hrs shift but i always spent my rest time to be in the kitchen and never feel tired with it. I thought back during my studying in US, my advisor always told me she didnt think i will work as engineer for long, i know u will have ur own restaurant soon as i always cook Thai food for all my friends all the time while i was studying in US.

Thats why i feel like even the job im doing now, i dont hate it but deep down inside my heart i feel like i wanna do it i wanna go for pasty school or culinary school just to have my own shop one day. This is the good time as now it is downturn in oil business we dont have many jobs and they have an offer for some engineer to leave for one yr with 50% pay which is quite a good deal for people who feel lost like me. However i dont wanna put my saving for the culinary school which is too expensive as my goal is just to earn more experience and have my own shop. Here are some questions i need advices from you guys:

1. im looking for the city to live during one year leaving my company which i can take a good course about pastry things and maybe restaurant management. I luv Paris i really luv all the pastries there but i feel like i luv to live in US than Paris ( many personal reasons but better not to put here ). I luv Tokyo bakeries as well but too expensive to live there. So which cities in US u guys recommend for pastry lover which i can use my relax time to check all the shops, learn the way they manage their shops and so on.
The cities i went before and i have seen many good pastry shop are New York, SF and Chicago. Maybe there is more interesting there, any comments?

2. so the city should come with the good pastry course there and not too expensive. Any comments? i luv CIA and FCI but it is worth paying like 20K just to have my own shop one day?

okay sorry for long story and bad English. thank you for all comments.