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conveyer pizza ovens

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What's the skinny on conveyer pizza ovens and hood systems...need to open a small outlet with pizza and possibly deliver to resort suites as well...don't have a hood system in the space...possibly can tie into a cigar bar exhaust
vent system for ventilation.....any help would be appreciated....state is
Florida for codes in regard to the fire marshal...thanks in advance....
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don't know about Florida, but national level codes do not permit anything cooking related "tying" into a space exhaust system. the fire safety people have a 'thing' about grease fires in kitchen exhausts spreading to a/c & heating ventilation systems.

your local fire marshal / building/code inspectors have _the_ final word - that's where you need to start.

you could also check various oven manufactures - there's a popular theory that electrically fired ovens may not require exhaust hood. dunno about the conveyor bit tho - the 'open ended' design may not qualify.
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