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convection oven

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I'm French Pastry chef. I go to open a French bakery in Florida.
I need to buy an electric convection oven, and I would like to known which is the
best brand that I can find here in the USA.
Thanks for your answers

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My humble opinion Southbend/Vulcan/or Blodgett. This is based on useing all 3 for over 4 decades. Low rate of repair and availability of parts. Stay away from the Japan or China imports.

Go on the web to used restaurant equipment North Florida:bounce:
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I don't know if you can get this brand name in Florida but I have a Duke convection oven and I absolutely love it. Haven't had a moment's problem with it.

At my previous job we had a Garland gas convection oven....wasn't wild about it..very temperamental. But the thing was old and well used.
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