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Cooking Capellini  

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We bought a lot of Capellini because it was on sale. It's difficult to prevent it from turning it into a bit of a starchy mess, especially when I'm reheating it. Is there some other way, beyond keeping a constant watch on it and stirring, stirring, stirring, to keep it perfect? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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It sounds like you are not cooking it in enough water. Pasta needs plenty of boiling salted water or it will stick together and become gummy. It also sounds like your are trying to cook it ahead and then use it later which won't work unless you rinse it after you cook it. and if you rinse it after you cook it, the sauce will not slither right off. Pasta really should be cooked, tossed with the sauce immediately and then eaten. If you happen to cook more than you need, do rinse it off. then park it in the fridge and the next day you can turn it into a pasta frittata or a pasta pizza.
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