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Hello from Alabama

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Hi everyone. I've been cooking in restaurants for 30 years. I did not go to culinary school so I'm just a cook. I work at a buffet restaurant in a small rural town in Alabama. I've cooked in some fine dining places but I'm better at the old fashioned southern food, you know the artery clogging stuff!:) I'm hoping to get some fresh ideas here.
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Hello GoW and welcome to Cheftalk.

There are a number of members here from the Southern part of the USA - so you'll immediately feel at home!

I'm from the UK and an ethusiastic amateur cook. I hope you will join in on some of the 'conversations' - lots of interesting things to read and photographs to view - and lots and lots of opinions, too!
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I love artery clogging food, do you know how hard it is to get good southern food in Montana, I cant even find a decent piece of okra up here anyway welcome
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Dear Grouchy,

I hope I'm not doubling this reply. I thought I had posted it, but it didn't appear.

Any time you want to jaw about food, I'm available. Check out the resources page of my website, TemporaryChef.com and there is a contact page, too.
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