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Hello all.

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I'm a newbie...both to this forum and baking. I want to bake and decorate like a pro. Not really looking to go professional with it, just want to impress family and friends. My first project being my sons first birthday cake. Trial run yesterday...failed horribly! ;-) I want to bake my cake from scratch and decorate in fondant, which seems to be all the rage right now. I have a small bit of experience in decorating. I worked at the local Dairy Queen in high school and one of my many tasks was decorating the ice cream cakes. I think I developed some skills there. Fondant however is totally new to me...as is baking something not in a box.

With that said...all you pros feel free to educate me.
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Hello there and welcome to ChefTalk.

You will get a lot of help on here - some of us (like me) are enthusiastic amateurs, whilst others are culinary professionals, including master chefs. So just feel free to ask your questions and I'm sure you'll get a lot of useful information.

There are some amazing photographs on the site - have a look and get inspired to the dizzy heights of perfect cake decorating!
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