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Will work for free!

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so as of recently I've had a very rough personal life, cannot return to school...pretty darn broke and work cook for a corporation (not mentioning any names)...I've decided I wanna try and work for an awesome restaurant and learn as much as possible through the school of hard knocks...well what I haven't already learned
Nothing is keeping me from being a chef
2 questions
I'm in the Philly area, any suggestions on a restaurant to try to work in? I really want to know more about vegan and vegetarian cooking...
and finally, what do you guys think is the best way to approach an owner/chef and get the opportunity
i don't care if they pay me or not..i just work at the other place part time.
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Well, I've done some hiring and firing, still a bit new to it, but I'll give my opinion.
Here, I'll pretend that your post was a resume...
Let's watch!

Firstly, I wouldn't announce my "rough personal life". It sounds desperate. It sounds like you are going to be a problem in the future. I have enough headaches. I don't want to deal with your collection agencies or your drug habits. Best not to mention that. I've had a rough life too, let's compare notes sometime, but not here. Mostly because I don't care, I just need to hire a cook.
BTW you CAN return to school... It might not be easy, but you CAN...

Hey man, we're all broke.
I'm not getting rich doing this; surely you won't either. Get it into your head that this isn't a quick way to make money. It is no fallacy that people choose this profession because they love to cook.

Working for a Denny's or Olive Garden isn't necessarily a bad thing. Don't down-sell it, up-sell it!
"I worked a line that produced X amount of ticket items in X amount of time. My personal hygiene is impeccable. I always wear gloves and wash my hands X amount of times per hour. Our ticket times were always under X minutes." etc. Those are kinda poor examples but you can expand on them.
What are the good things and what are the bad things that you have experienced working for that "cook for a corporation" job. Surely they have high standards regarding sanitation if nothing else...

I think that it is cool that you want to learn and you should definitely push that idea when advertising yourself.

Finally, the way that I've MADE people hire me in the past is to show up every day.
I was never pushy, just consistent.

"Hi! I'm looking for a job. Anything you have will do."
"I'd really like to work with your company."
"Hi! I'm looking for a job. Anything you have will do."
"I'd really like to work with your company."
"Hi! I'm looking for a job. Anything you have will do."
"I'd really like to work with your company."
"Hi! I'm looking for a job. Anything you have will do."
"I'd really like to work with your company."

...you get the idea?

Bundens, I was totally rude in this response. I just wanted you to know that this is what my thought process is when hiring new cooks. I hope you don't take my attitude personally. I was being glib intentionally, and my intention was to be realistic. I honestly hope this helps you.
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I would use the word Apprenticeship. and how much you would like to Apprentice under a Chef like Whoever. Tell them you want to be able to work the line and prep station 5 to 6 hours a day. Learn under the Chef or Sous, and in turn for the knowledge you will work for free. This will help them keep labor low and tell them you will be an assset to theiir operation.
Don't make your problems their problems. Don't bring up the past talk about what the future will bring. Tell them how eager you are to learn and how you will be a hard worker and hope someday you could be a valued employee in that same kitchen......Loose the gloom and doom, everyday is a new beginning, loose the baggage and be proud of the good things you have done and learn from the bad things.......Good luck................Bill
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well haha, i don't have drug problems...it's really that i just broke up with somebody after 5 years and it's left me without a place to live and really no money...lots of bills..that sorta thing. I was attending school in another state 2 1/2 hours away from my family in my home state. Eventually things can be arranged whereas I probably go back but right now I'm in no position for an apt near school (unless I could find something for 100 or less a month...or car payment goes away)
at any rate
the only reason i was mentioning my past was for you guys' reference, there is no way in a million years i would do something like that to an employer (and then expect a pity position or something)
I don't work for Denny's anymore, nor the Olive garden...I wasn't saying it was a bad thing either I would just prefer to not mention where I work due to me saying "I'm in a rough spot etc etc etc"
Then again maybe I shouldn't mention that period as in maybe one of you guys could be my future employers??
Who know's???,
all I know is I wanna cook and I want to learn and I want to work with a chef(s), guys who make a lot of stuff from scratch, guys who create their own menu's.

Thanks for your responses guys
and I didn't think you were being rude at all, btw
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That's what you need to tell these people.. !!
Let them know you have passion, let them know you want to learn, let them know you will take any position available
(if they don't need a line cook at the moment they could always hire you as a dishwasher or something for the time being. But the point is you would BE THERE, you would be Learning AND you would be the next person to start cooking. You're in right?! Why would they need to look for a cook that is asking $15+/hr when you are there and you know what to do [assuming you have been learning])

And as left4bread put it. Be consistent, not pushy.
Go back every couple days, or everyday. You never know when one of their employees will come in for their shift wasted out of their mind and they get fired on the spot. With your face poppin' in everyday, or if you make it in the same day something like that happens, boom. You're in!

That's what happened with me at the restaurant I'm in.
The head chef was not producing the correct food cost numbers and was fired the same day I made an entry, I came in to work that same night.

Anyways, just go to every restaurant you can find that you want to work at and tell them those things. Be positive, don't mention negative things. Make sure of that. Positive always.
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