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Seafood choices  

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Tara Macdonald asks.


are you limiting your use of certain seafood these days, and if so, how do you stay up-to-date on what is safe and plentiful, and what isn't?

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Keeping up with exactly which fish are endangered and which are sustainable is tough because the list keeps changing. It is a good idea, to check in regularly with folks who keep a close eye on the situation, such as the Monterey Aquarium (Monterey Bay Aquarium, California). You might even want to print out an up-to-date, wallet-sized guide to take with you when you go to the fish store or supermarket.

The fish that I know are ok right now are
Catfish (from the US)
Wild gulf shrimp
Black cod
Wild pacific salmon

But I am sure you will find more when you check
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