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Thanks for coming to the Cheftalk Sara.  

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I would like to ask where in michigan are you are from? I was very much influenced in your cooking when I was growing up. How did you get your first cookbook published? I was thinking of making one and dont know where to get started. Who influenced you and was your mentor before cooking school. Thanks

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I was actually born in New York Hospital in New York City and grew up in New York.
but I went to the University of Michigan and married a good Detroit boy.

regarding getting a cookbook published I think the advice by "Happy Food" to Ed Buchanan is excellent. take a look at it.

I have several mentors - Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and Jean Anderson are the most influential. but you know you never stop learning.
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Thanks for answering my questions, I am from Mason, south of Lansing. Moved out here to the PNW I love it (Oregon). I love the fresh fish and fruits and my wife and family is great when i do create something new recipes I have developed. Thanks again. I hope one day our paths will meet. Thanks for the tips.
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are you cheffing out there?
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