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Saving cake dummies

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Hi all! I had a bride return the artificial portions of her wedding cake to me.....only thing is she thought she was being helpful and tried to peel most of the fondant off. So I'm left with patches of fondant and piping gel. I can't re-cover them the way they are--is there a way to get this stuff off?

I thought about soaking the very tops in warm soapy water to see if that would work,

Any suggestions or do I need to throw them out and start again?

Thanks so much!
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What are your cake dummies made out of? Styrofoam? Plastic? A good soaking would probably help, but I don't know if it would make a gummy mess or not. Just a guess. If it's just styrofoam, you may be better off saving the time working on a used one vs. just going out to buy new styrofoam.

I guess that next time, warn the brides to return the cake dummies intact!:smiles:

By the way, I have found that if I just moisten the the part of the fondant that will go against the styrofoam with water, it's enough to adhere it, and it peels off like a dream later. I used to have to make tons of cake dummies and I never had to replace my styrofoam.
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Thanks, Annie. You're the greatest!

The soaking did work by the way....but it is a pain in the rump.
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