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I have been cooking professionally for some years but just got approached about doing a wedding for 150.

1. what should the price per person at the wedding reception include? just food + labor (ingredients, prep and on-site kitchen staff?) are servers billed separately?
2. if they want to low-ball me and ask for $25-30 a person (I would normally ask $85-110) what should I offer them? Suggest a cocktail party for 150 at $25 pp vs a sit-down dinner for fewer guests at my normal rate? or just a really inexpensive plattered, self-serve drop off?
3. how many on-site cooks and servers will i need for 150 people, if they want a sit-down dinner, or even if it's just a plattered cocktail party?
4. if i book servers, do i charge them a party planning fee? do i ask them to hire their own servers, at the risk they might f*** up my food service?

suggestions appreciated.