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Best Italian Cook

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Hey Guys!

So I was just watching some amazing things on Iron Chef America and I thought to myself who is the best Chef in the world.

I think that you would have to break it down into different categories. I went to a restaurant called Marea and had the best scallops with a simple white sauce on top. That made me become a Michael White fan. So for me he has to be the best Italian Cook that is out there. I am always looking for a noodle that will win me over and it seems to me that he knows how to cook it.

What do you guys think? Who is the best Italian Cook?

Thanks for listening
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I assume you mean the best US chef who cooks Italian food? I suspect that there might be quite a few good chefs in Italy who might wish to claim that crown - we've even got a few amazing Italian chefs here in the UK.
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the best Italian cook for what region?
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I don't know about the best but wouldn't mind having Lydia from 'Lydia's Italy' on PBS or Mario Batali cook for me.
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Ok I like all of your replies but I think that I will rephrase what I wrote. I think that Michael White is the best cook of Italian food. Seriously, I know that he isn't from there, but he knows what he is doing and it is in its simple form.. The best way you can have italian food.
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Yes, but again, surely you should retype your comments to say that that he is in your opinion the best AMERICAN cook of Italian food. And even then, as Dillbert said - perhaps you should say what regional foods of Italy the man cooks well... 'Italian' covers a multitude of styles.
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One would most definitely have to distinguish between the very much older northern Italian cuisine vs. the relatively younger tomato based southern Italian cuisine. Regardless of which part of the world the particular chef is cooking in.

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My vote would be Lydia Bastianich (sp?).
Becco is my favorite place to dine in NYC.
I got to meet Lydia and her mom there
while I was eating dinner. "love her"...
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
...All anyone ever does is complain....stop griping and start being appreciative...
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Maria Freddora of the famed Daily Catch Restaurant in Boston, Mass' North End on Hanover St. is without a doubt the best Sicilian fish chef in the United States. Julia Child said that it was Maria who introduced monkfish to the United States when Maria bought it from the New England fishermen who through it out saying that it was worthless bycatch.
The Yacht Chef Network
The Yacht Chef Network
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That's really exciting. Is she as lovely in person as she is on her show? I'm a huge fan of hers.
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Celebrity wise? I would have to go with Lidia Bastianich with Mario right there behind her. If you want to know who I think it the best Italian cook everyday wise? It would be the guy at the little local place down the street from me. His food rivals anything I have had anywhere. I have ate at a few of the above mentioned celebrity chef's establishments but really prefer the food down the street. He has a lot of soul. The food is simple, authentic, and delicious. I have never ever received a sub par dish there.
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I won't declare one way or another who is the best, though Mario Batali is someone I'd like to have over for dinner sometime. I remember the Iron Chef America episode with him and some guy from San Francisco whose name escapes me, but his style was Italian. When the "secret" ingredient was revealed, garlic, the chefs looked like a couple of kids in a candy store. I think that was the episode where the challenger presented a partridge, or quail, or some such clutching a clove of garlic in its talon. Odd, but creative.

Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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There are many > Each one is good in their particular style. To say the best is impossible. Some are good with a staff and cant do it on their own others can. Some can not cook for more then 8 others can cook for 800. Everone to their own.
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As an Italian, and one who has eaten food in Italy, I must say there are many outstanding chefs in Italy who could have you doing "mmmmm" and an eye roll on every bite.

Batali is okay and so is Lidia as I've watched their cooking but to be honest I have to give homage to:
Michel Serafini.. chef/owner of Alter Ego in Perugia, Italy for his Chocolate gnocchi with ricotta mint sauce
The chef at a small ristorante in Civita Castellana Italy for his artichoke lasagna... 8 layers thick and no higher than 2 inches!
Mauritzio at Trattoria Venessiana for his cuttlefish with squid ink pasta!
The chef at Chiribiri in San Gimignano Italy for every single dish he served!!

Italy is regional in cooking so when Italians eat out, they'll be in Tuscany but go out for Bolognese food or Milanese or Roman... each is TOTALLY different.. as is Tuscan cooking.

Who's the best... no one but everyone!
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My mother: from Salemi, Sicilia, and after her; my father: from Termini Immerese, Sicilia.

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me, duh.
marcella is a close second.
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whats the best italian restaurant then?? im pretty low key so i like olive garden but MAGGIANOS is superb!

ever been there? not sure if its just in the midwest or what but theres 2 in milwaukee.
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Olive Garden?


To an Italian... those are sacrilegious!!! That's not Italian; it's what the public "thinks" is Italian. It's just mass produced basics, none of which resemble true Italian cooking.

You need to get out more!
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I really like Gino D'Acambo from Napoli who works in the UK at the moment.

He's a TV chef on cookery style shows but i really like the passion and flair he adds to his work - makes him stand out against the rest of them!
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