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Hi All,
This is my first post in this forum. I am currently in Australia due to complete my Diploma in Hospitality as a mature student. I had completed my Cert 3 in Commercial Cookery in TAFE last year. I work part time in the kitchen of a local restaurant and prior to this I have no idea what cooking is all about. It's been a year and a half now and after numerous cuts and burns from the oven, I would say I am absolutely loving it. I hope to be a Chef one day once I am done with school. As I am a foreign student (I am from Msia), I cannot apply for an apprenticeship just yet. However, my head chef and employers are absoutely happy with my work that they have agreed to sponsor me at the end of my studies. I even created a dish for the restaurant menu!
All is well and now I am thrown into a predicament. I had applied for a Canadian Permanent Residence way back in 2006 and wasnt expecting it until 2011. Well it has finally arrived! Now I am in a fix. Even though I have time to complete my course here in Australia, I am worried about my future. I hope to seek some advise if I should move to Canada? Would my credentials be recognised there? Can I get an apprenticeship there? I am not worried about going back to school again to gain a Canadian qualification. At the present moment I am only allowed to work like 20 hours a week which is basically around the weekend, so I get something like 21/hr on Sat and Sun while on weekdays its 17/hr. I am not sure whats the rate like in Canada. Working hard is second nature to me, I am willing just as I came to Australia and I have been happy that I have enjoyed it here so much that now I am not sure what should I do next. I would like to go to Canada but just now sure what to expect. I really hope to get some encouraging perspective from anyone willing to share. We (my wife and I) have sacrificed so much for this and moving again is something we are still thinking about.