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camel meat???

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anyone know anything about Camel Meat???

I just got a job as the chef/cook/food dude at a wedding hall and they had a membership at Restaurant Depot. I am also cooking at my church every wednesday night this summer. SO i thought i woulc check out the place to see if i could find a good price on chicken for the church meal last week.

To my surprise, i found camel meat! it was like a big hunk of roast...what on earth do i do with it? I didnt want to buy a big one, but they had one small one weighing in at about 3.5lbs

I told my wife I was gonna get it, make it like roast beef...potatoes, carrots, nice beefy gravey...no one will ever know!! haha

but seriously...anyone ever had it? made it? know what to do with it? I googled it...found a few recipes, but who knows...camel bourguignion?

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Camel can get tough - it runs around a lot. Long slow pot braise with the usual veg and a good bottle of red for your sauce into the pot roast. Even a marinade overnight first with oil, vinegar, peppercorns, garlic cloves and bay leaves overnight, maybe add some red wine at this stage.

Any form of long slow cooking, please don't look to it for a stir fry!

Herbs and seasonings - same as for beef, e.g thyme, rosemary,sage all those types. Can take lots of pepper too. In itself it doesn't have that much flavour, so you need to help it along.

Camel - ABC TV: The Cook and the Chef

This link may help:

Let us know how it goes :)
 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
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 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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I once bought a whole camel shank and tried to braise it. It never got tender like lamb shank gets tender. It would have, but I was tired of braising it for such a long time. There's a thread on here somewhere about htat.
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ancient Greeks used to make this a lot.
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oh my, i have never even heard of camels as food before!
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There is a halal market down the street form me that sells camel meat. at first when i saw the sign i thought they were advertising cigarettes. NOPE! its camel meat. I asked a Somalian woman that i work with about eating camel and she gave me a look like, camel? psshhh yeah who hasn't had camel. she told me its like tough beef, I've been meaning to get some, and im glad to see this thread with advice on how to cook it. i probably wouldn't have had a clue on how to cook a good camel dish.

i just thought and had to come back and edit this. Maybe camel sausage would be good.
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