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Hi to all.

Came across this site by accident searching the web. A good find it seems to be.

A little about me, what i do who i am.

Have been in the catering trade man and boy 35 years. Like many basic two years at college (Long time ago) Worked as a chef in switzerland, Middle East. Had a Restaurant in Cambridge U.K. I then lectured in food preparationas a full time lecturer for 13/14 years. For the last 12/13 years have owned a company
superevent (check out the web site when i have five post or more, give you an idea of what i do how i do it and who we are. I hold a variety of qualifications to include City Guilds advanced cookery (703/3) at distinction level. I was a finalist in Hotelympoia international chef of the year competition....many years ago. Our US friends may be interested to hear see that i have designed a charcoal spit roasting machine enabling us to charcoal roast meats spit roast to include hogs of any size you can think of as well as a whole host of other meats. I have also recently designed my own hot smoking charcoal roasting oven. Only made it a few weeks ago.....fantastic results so far.

Guess lots more i can get round to at some point.

Nice to touch base with people, sharing ideas.

Regards to all.

Tony Brewin.

Might also mention my company entered a team "The British Bulldogs" in the Jack daniels (US) invitational BBQ at Lynchberg tenesse a couple of years ago and won 3rd place in the whole hog, and 4th placxe in the dessert sector. We had a great time.
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Hello Chef Tony and welcome to Chef Talk. Your experience is welcome here, and we hope you enjoy being part of the community.

Congratulations on you BBQ showing! We have plenty of avid 'Q people here.

Have a look around and enjoy the blogs, photo galleries, cooking articles, etc. I'm sure you've already found the Professional Catering forum, but you'll like the other ones, I'm sure, too.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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