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Did I make REAL marshmallows?

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I found this delicious sounding recipe for pumpkin spice marshmallows. It was very easy, used one bowl full of pumpkin, cold water, and gelatin, and a pot full of water, sugar, and cornsyrup heated to firm ball stage and then everything was beaten together until thick and fluffy and left in a pan to set.

The problems I have are these. For one thing, the marshmallows seem very moist. Even after dusting them with cornstarch and powdered sugar, it seemed like the powder just sucked up moisture and kinda melted onto the marshmallows making them moist and sticky. The other thing is that that don't "toast". I couldn't WAIT to try a toasted pumpkin marshmallow, but when I put them on my cookies under the broiler they just melted... They didn't change color at all, or get crispy, just lost shape, turning liquidy.

Did I make REAL marshmallows or were these some kind of "mock apple pie" type cheat marshmallows? If this is really how they are made, why are mine behaving so strangely?

P.S. If anyone has a recipe for marshmallows that toast, I would love to have it.
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It could be a couple of things or all of them...
too much liquid or pumpkin puree
not heating the sugar mixture to a high enough heat
not beating long enough
not enough gelatin in the gelatin to pumpkin ratio
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This seems to address the moisture issue (although prior to cutting and dusting the marshmallows they seemed dry and stable enough), but what about the lack of browning? If there were less moisture would these same marshmallows have toasted?
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I don't see any reason why they shouldn't toast once you get the consistency issue solved. I make gelatin based marshmallows all the time and take them camping for roasting. Try using a more direct, open flame heat like a propane torch. I also let my mm's setup in the pan for 24 hours before I cut and dust them. You should also try a less hydroscopic substance for dusting than plain 10X. I mix 10x and potato starch/flour about 70:30.
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