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i would like guidence

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i just got out of high school and i alway want to be a chef and i want to go to culinary school lika cia ,new england culinary insuite western culinary, etc... but i couldn't efford tution so i join the service . i luv to cook , i get the best feeling by someone telling me "that was great "or " it delicious" . i really would like to meet chef in the business already so i know what to do and also to learn alot. currently im a cook in serving in afghanistan and
im studing ,taking online classes, and etc. so i talk to a couple of ppl in the industry and they said it who you know and i don't know nobody so i could use a hand
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what branch of the service are you in? i know that at one time the navy had people going to johnson and wales on the weekends. perhaps you can use your g.i. bennies to get to school. if you're stationed at jacksonville or cherry point i don't recall any real restaurants in the area that you could apprentice at, it's been a while since i visited the area though. maybe you could talk to your career planner about changing your MOS.
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You've come to the right place...


Sounds like you have definately come to the right place... there are so many people willing to help... you just have to ask for it... make sure though that you check old threads... they probably already have a TON of usefull info. right now... let me know how your searching goes... if you still need help I can try to point you in the right direction ---april---:bounce: :chef: :bounce:
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