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Southern Pride Smoked Brisket

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hows it goin everyone? my friends uncle just opened a restaurant about 2 months ago and called on him and I to run the kitchen. We're both 23 and fresh out of culinary school and full of ideas...and guess whats in the kitchen... a southern pride smoke chef. in house smoker...awww yeah!

anyway we have daily specials including smoked meatloaf, smoked wing night, smoked bbq ribs and smoked prime rib.. well we fell onto 30 lbs of brisket which I actually have in the smoker right now...put it in at 10 am it's coming out tonight at 12 am.

I soaked the wood chips in water, magic hat no. 9 (delicious apricot infused beer) , and cattlemans gold bbq sauce for 20 minutes. made a marinade with celery, cucumber skin, magic hat, parsley and lemon juice. it's looking and smelling great.

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting this is I wanna know if you guys have any good dishes I could use this brisket in.. I've done a couple of things with it, just wanted some more opinions...as we do chefs specials on sundays and tuesdays and lunch specials everyday. we're very adventurous in our cooking and the owner just lets us do wahtever we want (cooking wise) in the kitchen. He doesnt go in there because its our domaine.

Thanks all in advance for your opinions and dishes. appreciate it.
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i totally forgot to mention what we're doing so far with the brisket...

southern style brisket - brisket with a homemade southern style bbq

big texas brisket sand- brisket with jalapenos, onion rings and bbq

meatlovers sand - brisket and prime rib

hunters brisket - brisket with a brown sauce (3/4 gravy, 1/4 heavy cream)

those are what we're planning on doing so far.
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Wet wood = steam and creosote. Properly smoked brisket is fine piled on a bun with some sauce on the side. Leftover brisket is good in chili, tacos, burritos, hash, anywhere you would use leftover roast beef. What model Southern Pride? I am guessing electric.
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yup, electric inhouse, southern pride Smoke Chef. we did the brisket piled high on a ciabatta roll, with an optional side of horseradish mayo...AKA horse sh!t.
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