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We went to see the new movie Julia and Julie today, and would heartily recommend it.

We see about 2 movies a year (including TV), because we're just not much interested in movies (and still less in Hollywood celebrities) but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned to be foodies watching Julia (and the Frugal Gourmet) on Food TV, so it was a little of Old Times.

It's funny and entertaining, and Meryl Streep does what seems to me to be a wonderful performance. It got a somewhat mixed review Saturday in the Wall Street Journal - mostly favorable - but it gets several thumbs up from my wife and me.

We took a couple of granddaughters to the movies today and let them pick... they chose this one. I'm encouraged.

Mike :)

update- Yesterday on his radio show, Michael Medved gave J and J a rave review... and four stars
travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Oooh I saw it today. Loved it! Some of the food talk was not entirely accurate, like the description of beurre blanc, but hey, at least Julie got the part about butter correct. Here's the blog:

The Julie/Julia Project

She could have just come to cheftalk ;)
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Big fan of the movie, 2 thumbs up, nice foodie movie
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