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The New FDA

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FDA Siezes Tuna Salad

Note the recommendation at the end of the article. :crazy:
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*washes hands thoroughly

*disposes of "them"

*gets out of jail free

*does not collect food-processing utensils [that] lie on the floor near live insects.

I win?
I can has cheezburger?
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My main job I work for East Baton Rouge City/Parish EMS. I have been in this place before. The inspectors are spot on. It is one of the grossest places I have ever been food wise. Followed up by the iHop and Chile's kitchens. Last time I went to the sandwich company someone had cut a finger off. They never found the finger and it was business as usual in there. I doubt very much they stopped, threw everything out and cleaned the facility.
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WHERE DOES IT SAY FDA CLOSED THE PLACE? They didn't because they have never been given authority by congress to close a place. Congress is first now trying to change all the laws re. food inspection.on a national level. The place will clean up a little and start production again next week. Worse comes to worse they will open under a different corporation.

PS The only reason Feds went in their is because the product goes over state lines, otherwise no one goes there.:confused:
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This place didn't close. I drive by it every day at work and it has always been open for business. I did notice that the convenience mart we hang out and get coffee at no longer has their products.
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