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Overnight Proove

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Hey all! Quick question, our Pastry chef is heading on holidays and we have a function the next day. I've made bread on plenty of occassions but its been a while. I usually use roughly

5 % yeast
1-2% salt
1-2% sugar
3-10% fat (probably 3% for this batch want something leaner)
55+% water

I'm looking to bulk ferment overnight to lighten the load in the morning. Just wondering if I should consider reducing the yeast content in the dough to maybe 1-2%. Or any suggestions? Thanks.

edit: Using fresh yeast
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Do you have a proofer and a walk in?

You shouldn't have any problem bulk fermenting your bread as long as you keep it cool overnight.

I tend to make my dough put it on sheet pans and let it do its overnight proof like that. In the morning I shape, proof, and bake. Works great.

I wouldn't worry about adjusting your yeast if you follow this method. It'll be fine.
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Thanks Chefelle,

In the end cos I knew the dough was gonna be in the fridge for close to 19 hours I reduced the yeast content to 2% and use a third part ice instead of water. Just to be safe!! In the end dough was slightly overprooved but still made a decent bread.
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Wowza--didn't realize your bread would be cold proofing that long! The longest I usually leave mine is 12 hours and it works out fine.

Glad to hear everything worked out for you!
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