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yep another new guy

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that's right one more added to this site, woooo..My name is Chris and I'm in culinary school at the moment. I have been only cooking professionally for about a year now and loving every minute of it. I just started cooking for a family, which a friend introduced me to and was I wondering if everyone would take a minute out of your day to comment on the foods pics i put on here. I believe I can learn a lot from the people who run and come to this forums. So thank you and have a wonderful day.
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Hello, Chris and welcome to Cheftalk. This is one of the most informative and friendly food-related sites on the web. I hope you will spend a little time to look at some of the articles, photographs and blogs - they are fantastic.

We also have a section for culinary students which you should check out, it may be of help if you have any school questions.

I hope you will start participating in any thread that you find interesting - or even start your own.
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