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Breadsticks or Grissini

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I have just finished a batch of test breadsticks. I am entirely pleased with the flavour however, using the pasta machine to shape them did not provide me with the desired thickness I wanted. Short of rolling and cutting are there any suggestions that might help. Anyone who's done them and solved my problem.
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I'm assuming that by using the pasta machine, you are saying the breadsticks aren't as thick as you would like because the pasta machine
won't go far enough apart.

The only solution I can think of is rolling and cutting, but that doesn't really take that much longer, so I don't see exactly what your problem is......
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Breadsticks & Grissini

I just asked the question thinking perhaps someone else may have one. I'm doing thousands so by hand will require staff since I can't produce enough in 8 hours.
Just wish the pasta maker did just a little thicker.
Thanks anyways.
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If you invest in a dough sheeter, perhaps a tabletop model, rather than using a pasta machine, your production may go much faster than hand rolling. The sheeter will probably pay for itself rather quickly if you are making thousands of breadsticks........
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