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Hey ya'll im new to this forum (from milwaukee wisconsin)
seems like we got some good convos goin.. let's keep it up.

i was wondering what CAVIAR really is. i know it sounds dumb but you always hear about caviar in fancy movies or upper class, high profile events.
is it fish?
what's in it?
how does it taste?
is it similar to any other food..
( is it more of a hor doerve ? )
do you prefer it...

i appreciate your feedback!

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Caviar is just fish eggs. You do know that fish lay eggs, right? Only not quite like chickens. More like bugs: a whole lot at a time, and often in a sac or membrane to keep them all together. Fish eggs are sometimes called "roe" as in shad roe :lips: that's cooked and served still in the membrane. Caviar is processed to remove the eggs from the sac, and often salted. Different colors of caviar and different amounts of salt make for different types of caviar.

"Caviar" is eggs from the fish called sturgeon, although there are other fish whose eggs may be served as "caviar"; those are usually identified by the fish as well: salmon caviar, for example -- those big orange balls that you may get in sushi. But if it's really caviar, it's from sturgeon. I've had roe processed like caviar from trout, spoonfish (sort of like an American version of sturgeon), and that awful stuff in the little jars, dyed black to look like caviar but yech, it's NOT. :p

What does caviar taste like? Money. :lol: No, seriously -- it tastes a little like fishy fish, and a little salty, but so much more of it (to me, anyway) is the texture: the way the tiny eggs "pop" when you bite them, and give up their sort of jelly-like filling. It's not as crunchy as the flying fish roe also used in sushi (the really tiny beads), but it has some crunch.
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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I've had the (medium sized eggs) osetra caviar before, has nutty flavours coming through and is very nice
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