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work for love or cash?

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my name is ari. im a new member (and have been looking for a cool forum for some time now. good to find some good people) this is my first post. (feel like im confessing)

so a little about myself, i fell mad in love with food only two years ago. for the last year i've gone from cooking in **** places to an awesome local, organic, gourmet place and have worked my way to lead cook. i love being able to learn and create seasonal menue, something i've been dreamed of and love doing. however, i have had to move (side note: the restraunt is not doing well. no reputation to back the prices) to finish college in nutrition/ food science. so looking for fine dinning jobs in a college town seems to be difficul at best seeing hoe there is one fine place in the city.

now i've gotten a job offer at two different places

the first) rodizio ( a place with caned quail eggs at the salad bar im running. appetizers include deep fried polenta and bananas. followed by a skewer rotisserie grill position filled by 21 year old kids who kiss too much ***. this is what i have to look forward to as far as kitchen promotion.
but, it is a full company and it will provide a set schedule and a quick chance for a better pay increase.

second place) rainbow. a mostly vegetarian, mom and pop, breakfast and lunch place. i like the food even though its not "gourmet" it is all scratch and varies its items giving allot of continuing interest and education. also the kitchen staff is mostly like minded.
the down fall is that finding a set schedule and hours might be tough for a while. as well as the pay might not ever get up high at all. not to mention when you're on the **** list the job can suck big rock mountain oysters.

i've earned so far from a few days work at both places the employers respect.
im also trying to establish a job for the next few years. i don't require a large sallery but of course i'd like to get what i can.

any thoughts from people who have had to decide from becoming a well greased robot or a poor college student cooking real food?

thanks guys,
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you run the risk of breaking the yolk when you cane the quail egg.

but really, you know you'd rather work at the mom and pop place, right?
it sounds like you'd rather work there, at least.
So... that's where you go.
It's a ****** economy coupled with a ****** paid profession.

Work at the place that gives you a little artistic license.
deep fried polenta and plantains is nothing new.
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I would take happiness over money any day of the week.This is me talking at 58....When I was 26 I would take money over happiness any day of the week. .....You could either wait 30 years and think back and say you should have worked the Mom and pop place, or wake up today and decide. You can rewrite tomorrow, you can't rewrite happy.....................Bill
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You can learn from either job, so the question is: What will make you happiest?
Only you can answer that.
Even a place as mundane as the way you describe the first can teach you consistency, quality control, timing, etc.
It may also teach you what not to do, or how to overcome setbacks.
Let us know what you decide.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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well, one of the other problems is that while the mom pop is what i want to like more, it also gives a total up and down schedual. i was told that im sured to not get the hours i want. thats important cause i don't only want some extra cash but something to do during the days as well.
also the boss at the mom and pop can change his attitude at the flip of a hat. he's a cook there and is probably tired of workin with under 20 year old stoners for 30 years. i know that people in kitchens can have unique tempers but its something that can really ruin the week.
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If I were you bud, I'd go with ma and pa place. Always bet on happinness, that is success to me. PLus sounds like you could learn alot form that job, and you should always be learning in this job. SOunds like you'd be happier there. If I were you I'd even come into work on the days they couldnt give me hours and work anyway for no pay. I think good results can come from that. And hey eventually pop is gonna retire from the kitchen right. There is your promotion right there. Running the place you have learnt so much in and running it the way you are happiest. Much safer bet my friend
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The "from scratch" place would be my choice.
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I would go for the from scratch place mostly because it would give me the freedom to create whatever I chose to. I had that when I cooked at the cafe and it was amazing! As opener I do have the option of doing homemade soup for our soup of the day so I at least have that bit of creative outlet. (plus I also come up with the omelette of the day as I am the egg person)
This is a second career for me, so I'm learning as I go but I'm loving every minute of it and it sounds like you're enjoying what you do as well.
OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
OK ... where am I going?.. and WHY am I in this handbasket??
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