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um, hi!

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Hello! I'm a full time student trying to teach himself how to cook proper meals for later on in life, and for right now at least once in a while. I came to this site because there's a question I can't seem to find an answer for elsewhere on the web, so I'll be posting that in the proper area on this forum. I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way as well, so you guys will almost definitely be hearing more from me.
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hello - and welcome to ChefTalk!

I think you're going to find lots of help here - we have all levels of expertise, from those like yourself who are just starting out on their culinary adventures - to masterchefs. I'm an enthusiastic amateur with many years of attending cookery courses and learning how to cook!

Ask away..... and then have a good look around - there are lots and lots of really interesting articles and amazing photographs on here.
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