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gluten free donut

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Hi all,

I hope this question isn't too stupid. I'm just a home baker. But, I've been able to craft a gluten-free donut that is pretty good - I think. The problem with being gluten-free for a very long time (10 years) is that you really forget what baked goods with wheat taste like. The donut that I made is the cake variety. It has a good cake like texture, but the taste isn't sweet at all. Of course, it's sweet if you glaze it, but the actual donut isn't that sweet. Are normal gluten donuts without the glaze sweet?
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can't remember, it's been too long since i had a gluten filled donut. do you have any one alse around to taste it? if you could post the recipe i can make a batch and have the other people in my house that eat the evil gluten try it.
one of them works at dunkin donuts, so he'd probably be able to judge fairly well.
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good idea. I can get my son to taste it. it's a combination of white rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch and coconut flour. I was really glad when Betty Crocker came out with the gluten free white cake because I wasn't sure what a GOOD gluten free cake was supposed to taste like. Luckily, mine was better. Theirs is good, though.
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As a donut connoisseur (ha! ha!) I feel qualified to answer this question--yes, regular (read non gluten free) donuts are sweet. The glaze adds just adds more sweetness and a different texture.
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ok, thanks! I'll just have to play with the recipe a little more.
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So can you show us the recipe?


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I'm working on an online class for gluten-free baking that's not published yet, so I can't release it. It wouldn't be fair to those who will be paying for the class.

However, if you guys want to test and sign a non-disclosure agreement, that would be helpful. I'm not at that point yet, though. Getting close.
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Ah well, OK then.
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I'll give you a hint, though. I started with glutenfreeda's recipe for glazed twisted donuts. Then i modified it pretty substantially.

I found out that when you're working with wet doughs you can use a flexible cutting board and cornstarch to help knead it. The one thing I haven't been brave enough to do is to use the method of frying where you put donuts on parchment paper and put it in the hot oil. I'm afraid I'll start a fire! Has anybody done this?
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i have no problem doing the test and non disclosure thingy. are you frying or baking the donuts?
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I actually tested it both ways. I don't have a good deep fryer and I used a cast iron large pot. The donuts turned out good as far as texture, but they were dark on the outside. I think if I get a real fryer that they will turn out better. It might be the coconut flour causing it to turn dark. Not a professional chef here...

I think I would personally prefer the baked donuts. I've been testing all this stuff for the last month or so and I'm just about sick from all the sugar. It's great on a limited basis, but when you start eating this stuff several times a day, ugh....

I should be ready for testing in about 3 weeks or so!
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you could probably use a fry-daddy or fry aby, whatever they're called - small home deep fryers, you need to keep a constant temperature in the oil.
you can buy donut pans at king arthur flour, google it or probably on some other cake pan sight.
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Cool. Thanks:-)
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I am so glad that someone is working on gluten free doughnuts.  Bisquick recently came out with a gluten free mix that can be used for biscuits, pancakes, and waffles depending on the amounts of milk, oil and eggs that you add.  Before I was diagnosed with celiac's I used to cut doughnut holes and doughnuts out of the frozen biscuits.  I'd deep fry them and then add powdered sugar, or cinnamon and sugar when they were done.  It would be interesting to see if we could get a more true to texture doughnut with this mix.....I'll let you know how it goes. 

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I wasn't even aware you could get gluten free donuts. Care to shar the recipe? My fiance is a celiac and loves donuts and also pizza but they both make her ill..


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for Australian celiacs, They have a pizza crust mix and bulk flour products to make your own.

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