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Fair Season

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Morning all,

I am wondering if anyone besides myself enters food items in your local fairs anymore. I know locally the entries are WAY down as noone cooks like they used to. I however appear to be stuck in a time warp where I just LOVE making things the way grammy used to. ( ie: the 8 pints of dilly beans, and 5 quarts and 2 pints of bread and butter pickles I put up this morning)

In one way, I suppose I dont mind that the entries are down because I am almost always am assured to get a blue ribbon, but what kind of victory is it if i know the compitition dosent present a challange.

Any way I would be intrested to know if you do enter items what types of items you enter or perhaps have won with in the past. I have a wonderful poundcake recipe that I have taken 2 blue ribbons with at 2 of our local fairs. This year I am entering a batch of homemade yeast rolls and perhaps some biscuits.

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I've thought about that, but where I live there aren't a lot of fairs like that. Our fairs just consists of carnival rides and pre-made food.

That is really cool how you still can enter food contests. Good luck on your yeast rolls and /or biscuits!
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what a shame. The exhibition halls are the best part of the fair! That and the animal events are what the country fair is all about.

I suppose those things dont bring in the money like the rides do. Ahhh progress.........
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You need to come to the UK!

Lots of village fetes and highland gatherings - where cake baking and pie making and jam making are still part of the fabric of the events!
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