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might get to have a hand in some professional food - ROTI SHOP

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I am inspired by the trinidad roti shop as well as my culinary love: the caribbean, west africa, india, mexico and south and latin america...


do u ever go to indian or west indian roti restaurants in big cities?

I would like to know more about these. What kind of fillings do u like? Please talk about everything.

I remember watching zimmerman go to tnt and he got a great roti with goat (do u think it was goat curry), it also had spinach and pumpkin and i think it had some hot sauce in ti too.

What other combination's are popular in trinidad or in miami or toronto or nyc?

Do u like doubles? or aloo pie? what do u like on yours?

i like doubles with stuff like pepper sauce, shadon beni sauce, shredded cucumbers and sometimes some yogurt or yogurt sauce too.

aloo pie with cucumber chutney and sometimes some tamarind sauce

phulourie with pepper sauce or sweet mango chutney sauce.

do u like sour mango chutney?

if so what do u eat it with?

please tell me whats on ur mind?

I am developing ideas with some guys and i may have the opportunity to bless the locals with some tnt rotis and doubles. (also wanted to make the currant roll, and either salara or the barbados coconut turnover, colombian caraminolas, and a swiss flourless chocolate cake made with ground almonds)

our aim is unique food that is also healthy so maybe the coconut turnover would be made with spelt flour and we have the flourless chocolate cake made with almond meal, but it is still an excellent cake

my boss loves aloo pie and boljul (i have been cooking island food for these salsa dance nights)

i would like to focus on trinidad and haiti and maybe slide in some europeann things from my family too (swedish potato pancakes, austrian crepes with fruit preserves, and swiss nut cakes for example)

but we have to make it healthy so i am emphasizing greens like spinach, pak choy and callaloo, pumpkin, ochro, whole wheat chapati flour and brown rice and peas instead of white or jasmine rice...

still want to have some good stuff in there not sure what though

i figure if i stay away from too much red meat i can afford to have deep fired doubles and aloo pie as well as sugary coconut turnovers and buttery currant rolls.

meat is expensive anyway!
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currant roll is a flaky buttery jelly roll type of pastry that is filled with currants that have been seasoned with a little cinammon and some mixed essence, a west indian combination of vanilla pear and almond flavors. mimicking the tonka berry, which is less and less used cince it is said to be a carcinogen. the currant roll msut have its roots somewhere in england but the particular combination of traditions is really only found in the west indies. needless to say, cultured and proper english woman have adored it to its utmost potential in my experience.

i cant get pear essence so i mix in a little pear compote into the filling for the currant rolls!

they are moist and buttery like baklava and lightly fruity and very good.
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I lived in West Africa for a year as a kid, and have very fond memories of the local rice (a brown, upland rice) and palm butter. See if you can find a source for this. You might inquire of this lady

Palm Butter and Rice:The Joys & Challenges of Cooking a Liberian/Grebo Meal- Pre-Thanksgiving Recipes For Your Enjoyment Patricia Jabbeh Wesley’s International Blog on Poetry for Peace

Also I have incindary memories of what is called billy goat pepper soup. I was much too young to savor it, but it was touted as a supreme hangover remedy in Liberia. It is so painfully hot that it makes you forget all about the hangover. :eek:

I believe the West African "billy goat" pepper is the ancestor of the Caribbean scotch bonnet and the habanero.

Mike :chef:
travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Interesting! The rice sounds like a winner. I would love a source for African palm products. I think some of the greens soups of w. africa soups and maybe soups such as that one have heavily influenced the Caribbean, I Will look that up for sure. LOL at the way the soup works. thats good medicine.

thanks and that looks like an awesome link.
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This may not fit in with the regional theme, but it is healthy and delicious: plain roti dipped in hummus tahini.

How about aloo paratha?
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it is an excellent idea. Hummus tahini is aperfect pairing for rot and paratha, not only delicious but healthy. But there are enough middle eastern and greek foods already o nthe market here in town. Aloo paratha is delicious. aloo paratha is somewhat complicated to assemble and prepare for retail though.

aloo pie is deep fried but takes less skill. it is a cousin to the pratha, a dough patty deep fried filled with cumined and tumericed potatos, eaten with cool and tangy grated cucumber chutney and or tamarind and hot pepper sauce.
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I haven't had aloo pie, but I have had samosas. The two sound similar. I love vege samosas with a tamarind sauce. Are you in the USA?
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