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belated intro

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Hello (again) to the forum. I got a bit ahead of myself and posted my first message a few days ago in the equipment review section before I saw the "welcome" section. So, better late than never I'll introduce myself in the proper way. My name is Rob and I greatly enjoy cooking for my wife, family, friends and neighbors. Not a gourmet chef by any stretch, but good enough to keep myself and my "beneficiaries" happy. More than anything I enjoy the creativity and the tangible results that I get from cooking, and the satisfaction (ok - ego stroking) that I get from having others enjoy my food. I also building furniture as a hobby, for many of the same reasons.

I look forward to learning much here and hopefully even being able to contribute some knowledge eventually.


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Hello, and welcome to Cheftalk.
Many of us are enthusiastic amateurs (like me) but we have all levels of ability here, from 'can't boil water' to masterchefs!

I hope you will take the opportunity to look at some of the wonderful articles on here, as well as the amazing photographs and read the blogs. So much information and brilliant photography - all of which show an immense love for the culinary arts.

Feel free to post on any of the fora, or join in on current threads that you find interesting. All we ask is that you do not post in the professional fora - but I enjoy reading those, I've been able to pick up lots of hints and information, that would not be available to amateurs like me.
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