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When I was young we would get "Egg Sticks" at the local Polish Bakery. They were long (about 16 inches) and about an inch and a half wide. They were very fragile and didn't often make it home in one piece. They were topped with turbinado sugar.
When I make soda bread the edge of the soda bread reminds me of the taste of the egg sticks.
I haven't seen these anywhere else. (The bakery has been closed for years.) I would really like to try to make these. But I can't find any recipe.
Does anyone know a different name (to do a better search)
or better yet does anyone have a recipe?
Please, please help me. If you've ever seen or had one, please reply, at least I will know I am not nuts. (Everyone else in the family remembers these, too. But just they were always just "egg sticks.")
Thanks for your help.