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Hello from Serbia(EU)

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Hello all ...im Stefan 17 years old student of cook chef school..and im glad that i can be part of this community,couse of my interests in cooking...i hope that one day ill be chef like you guys :chef: .
Cooking is fun :bounce:!
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Hello Stefan and welcome to Cheftalk.

I hope you will find time to read some of the fascinating articles and blogs on here, and also look at some of the amazing photographs, too.

We have all levels of cooking expertise on the site, from those just starting out on their culinary adventures to Masterchefs. I hope you will join in on threads that you find of interest or even start your own. There is a specific forum here for culinary students which should be of interest to you.

I am not sure if there are any other Serbian members on here - so I hope you will feel able to add a couple of traditional Serbian dishes to the relevant forum!
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thx for reading my post :) ...well yes i do find this forum interesting,and we do have realy good food in here...just ill need time to translate our food to english...we are very diferent then other countries...:chef:...realy nice forum ,keep it good
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