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Hello from Germany!

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Hello eveyone, looking forward to using this site to assist me with meal planning for fundraising. I average 2 a month, serving about 150 plates per event. Have a commercial kitchen that I use so can cook in large quantity. Plan to do a Romantic Sweetest Day dinner in October, will definitely refer to this site for menu planning ideas.
God Bless fellow cooks!!

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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.
Sounds like you have your hands full with your fund-raising events!

There are all levels of expertise on here, so just ask and I'm sure that you will get all the assistance you need, whether with recipes or anything else.

Please make time to have a look at some of the wonderful articles and amazing photographs we have on the site. They are well worth the time to view!
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I am using this thread to introduce myself as I am from Germany, too. Nice to have a community with people from so many different countries sharing the sam passion.

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